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Ep. 576 w/ jacobc.eth Founder @ HyperPlay

A web3-native game launcher and game store aggregator from the

Ep. 575 w/ Mike Rubin Founder and CEO Northpond Ventures

Northpond Ventures is a multi-billion-dollar science-driven venture capital firm based in Cambridge, MA; San Francisco, CA; and Bethesda, MD. Northpond has consistentl...

Ep. 574 w/ Sarah Dusek Investor & Co-Founder of Enygma Ventures & CoFounder of Few and Far

Co-Founder of Under Canvas; the leading US adventure-hospitality company offering luxurious glamping accommodations just minutes from America’s most popular and iconic...

Ep. 573 w/ Nick Courtright Founder and CEO of Atmosphere Press

Atmosphere Press is an author-friendly publisher that aims to put the power not in the hands of the press, but in the hands of the writer, where it belongs. After year...

Ep. 572 w/ John Li Co-Founder & CEO at Vimcal

Vimcal is the world's fastest calendar, beautifully designed for people with too many meetings.It comes fully-featured with time zone conversion, booking links, keyboa...

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