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Ep. 456 w/ Grant McDougall founder/CEO at BlueOcean

BlueOcean: the company providing million-dollar brand audits in seven days for $17K. We make it easy for executives and marketers to make dynamic decisions with on-demand auditing and market intelligence. By harnessing algorithms, we speed up the time it takes to get brand insight and strategy recommendations that drive business outcomes at a fraction of the cost. https://www.blueocean.ai

Ep. 455 w/ Jeremy Fisher CEO & Co-Founder at River

The Internet Distilled Everything happening in the world and trending on the web – from sports to celebrities, in the Times and on Twitter https://river.app/

Ep. 454 w/ Rishi Nayyar Co-Founder, CEO @ PocketHealth

We make it easier for medical imaging data to flow to and from healthcare providers by placing patients at the centre of the exchange, not on the outside. PocketHealth is a step towards a healthcare system where security, efficiency and patient accessibility complement each other, and we're proving this reality in hundreds of institutions every day. www.pocket.health

Ep. 453 w/ Jeremy Hance a Journalist & Writer

An award-winning journalist’s eco-adventures across the globe with his three traveling companions: his fiancée, his OCD, and his chronic anxiety—a hilarious, wild jaunt that will inspire travelers, environmentalists, and anyone with mental illness. Most travel narratives are written by superb travelers: people who crave adventure, laugh in the face of danger, and rapidly integrate into foreign cultures. But what about someone who is paranoid about traveler’s diarrhea, incapable of speaking a foreign tongue, and hates not only flying but driving, cycling, motor-biking, and sometimes walking in the full sun? In Baggage: Confessions of a Globe-Trotting Hypochondriac, award-winning writer Jeremy Hance chronicles his hilarious and inspiring adventures as he reconciles his traveling career as an environmental journalist with his severe OCD and anxiety. At the age of twenty-six—after months of visiting doctors, convinced he was dying from whatever disease his brain dreamed up the night before—Hance was diagnosed with OCD. The good news was that he wasn’t dying; the bad news was that OCD made him a really bad traveler—sometimes just making it to baggage claim was a win. Yet Hance hauls his baggage from the airport and beyond. He takes readers on an armchair trek to some of the most remote corners of the world, from Kenya, where hippos clip the grass and baboons steal film, to Borneo, where macaques raid balconies and the last male Bornean rhino sings, to Guyana, where bats dive-bomb his head as he eats dinner with his partner and flesh-eating ants hide in their pants and their drunk guide leaves them stranded in the rainforest canopy. As he and his partner soldier through the highs and the lows—of altitudes and their relationship—Hance discovers the importance of resilience, the many ways to manage (or not!) mental illness when in stressful situations, how nature can improve your mental health, and why it is so important to push yourself to live a life packed with experiences, even if you struggle daily with a mental health issue. With mental illness impacting the lives of millions of people, this timely book will inspire people to step out of their comfort zones and take the road meant to be traveled. Hance proves that we all have baggage--the question is, do we leave it dusty in a closet or do we take it out in full view for others to see? https://jeremyhance.com/

Ep. 452 w/ Anthony Sabatino Founder & composer for Tabletop Tunes

Tabletop Tunes is the first of its kind adaptive music application specifically made for tabletop gaming. Experience music that will immerse you in magical forests, quaint villages, and glorious kingdoms. If that's not exciting enough for you, then initiate combat with our combat music system, allowing you to adjust the intensity on the fly. Get the incredible app now! https://www.tabletoptunes.com

Ep. 451 w/ Ross Sabourin Partner at vidday

VidDay is a collaborative video web app made for people who want to give a unique gift. With VidDay, you can collect video messages and photos from friends, to compile into a beautiful video. No editing skills required, VidDay makes the video for you. Birthday videos are the most popular, but a VidDay video is a perfect gift for all special occasions. The best part about VidDay is watching the recipient’s reaction. What’s even better is when they cry tears of joy. 🥰 Who We Are: VidDay is a fast-growing Canadian startup. We’re a team of like-minded individuals who are building a company that is a positive force in the world. We make meaningful videos as surprise gifts. The service we provide brings a genuine sense of happiness as it makes people feel loved and appreciated. We don’t stop there. We want our impact on the world to be bigger than spreading happiness through videos. Not only do we give people a way to share a gift that is eco-friendly, but for every video sold, VidDay will plant one tree. Plus, Get Well videos are totally free because support from loved ones can make a difference when fighting through or recovering from an illness. Our Mission: To make a billion people smile. https://www.vidday.com

Ep. 450 w/ Ethan Escowitz Founder & CEO at Arris

Manufacturing the Future: Meet Arris Composites Manufacturing is headed toward a stronger, lighter, faster, and greener future. Arris Composites is leading this charge with the invention of continuous carbon fiber composites joined with other advanced materials in a high-speed process, combining additive manufacturing and traditional high-volume molding. Through its proprietary Additive Molding™ manufacturing technology, advanced carbon fiber materials stronger and lighter than metal are produced with the same efficiency and design freedom as plastic molded products. Additionally, Arris Composites developed a novel Specific Design method and software which designs with the end in mind for optimal performance, reduced waste, and maximum recyclability. The end result: Arris Composites enables mass production of high-strength light-weight composite parts, offering a cost-effective, new manufacturing path forward for consumer electronics, sporting goods, automotive, aerospace, and other industries. https://arriscomposites.com

Ep. 449 w/ Waqaas Al - Siddiq Founder & CEO at Biotricity

Trying to maintain a healthy heart has become more difficult in the wake of COVID-19. While the pandemic has increased remote telehealth, there are glaring vulnerabilities due to a lack of real-time cardiac monitoring. Heart attacks are on the rise as a result of patients ignoring symptoms, staying home and not going to the hospital. COVID-related stress has caused a surge in cardiac health issues. Additionally, some recovering COVID patients have since developed heart issues related to the virus. As a result, the need for real-time cardiac monitoring is more important than ever. Dr. Waqaas Al-Siddiq has been at the forefront of remote monitoring solutions. He is the founder and CEO of Biotricity, developer of advanced remote cardiac monitoring technology. Waqaas believes COVID-19 has accelerated the ongoing shift in the health landscape from a reactive system to a prevention, personalized and more efficient tech-based system. https://www.biotricity.com

Ep. 448 w/ Izzy and Mark Co-Founders & Co-CEO's of Mode

Mode Founders Make Cannabis Consumption Safer Cannabis is no longer just for recreation. People depend on cannabis for a variety of personal and medical reasons on a daily basis. The problem for many users revolves around dosing and consumption. From choosing the right strain to knowing how much to take, achieving the right result can be troublesome. Mode is solving this problem with the world’s first universal dosing device and personalized guidance app for 510 cannabis cartridges. Mode removes the guesswork out of dosing and helps users achieve the ideal experience every time. The idea for the company came when co-founder Izzy Kirsh was using cannabis to treat a personal injury and became aware of the lack of proper cannabinoid dosing devices. This led to the exploration of creating a better and healthier approach to cannabis use. Mode offers several features including: • Real Time Dosing Control – Mode’s Touch Slider™ allows users to adjust their dose with precision down to the milligram • Universal 510 Compatibility – Mode is compatible with the universal 510 threaded cartridge, giving users the freedom to enjoy their favorite strains from the best brands on the market. • Haptic Guidance™ – Mode’s Inhale & Exhale Haptic Guidance feature lets users know exactly when to stop inhaling and when to exhale with a gentle vibration from the device. • Quick-Snap™ Connector – Swap out 510 cartridges with a simple snap. No screwing or twisting required. • Mode App – The app features the first ever control dashboard for personalized cannabis consumption. It provides access to detailed dosage plans, product information, feedback loop, personalized recommendations and consumption analytics. Mode retails for $100 and is set to launch early Q1 2021. https://mode.co

Ep. 447 w/ Praveen Penmetsa Co-founder & CEO of Monarch Tractor

We’ve eliminated diesel fuel and replaced harmful chemicals with mechanical solutions, so our tractor impacts the environment exactly as intended, without side effects. Using state of the art hardware and machine learning, the Monarch is able to autonomously use implements, identify and eliminate plant ailments, and estimate yields. Our tractor platform acts as a full data collection and analysis suite, enhancing existing growing operations and providing superior precision to farmers globally. Despite it’s cutting edge tech, the Monarch still has best in class plow, till, and hauling capabilities. http://www.monarchtractor.com

Ep. 446 w/ Broc & Kevin at Wrightspeed

Wrightspeed Electrifies the Future of Heavy Duty Urban Transportation Urban transportation vehicles are among the world’s great polluters. Studies show that traditional medium- and heavy-duty trucks comprise only 4 percent of the total on-road vehicles, while producing 30 percent of on-road emissions and consuming 26 percent of the fuel. Wrightspeed is addressing this global problem with its electric vehicle and range-extended EV solutions. Wrightspeed has designed the world’s most efficient range-extended electric vehicle powertrains. Built for short-haul operations on urban streets, Wrightspeed is powering frequent-stop, heavy-duty vehicles such as garbage, delivery and construction trucks, as well as busses. Traditional piston combustion engines are least efficient when starting and stopping. Wrightspeed’s hybrid electric powertrains address this problem by optimizing efficiency and performance. On regional schedules, the Wrightspeed range-extended solution provides a 25 percent fuel savings with measured real-world fuel savings of up to 60 percent on more aggressive driving schedules. In addition to fuel savings, annual maintenance and brake replacement can be reduced by as much as $25,000 per year on these aggressive schedules. Wrightspeed has opened a new route for sustainable trucking by reducing greenhouse gasses, meeting regulatory needs and noise ordinances, and providing total cost of ownership (TCO). Wrightspeed is partnering with countries and international companies to make a global environmental impact. We’d like to invite you to speak with Wrightspeed VP of Engineering Broc TenHouten about the company’s groundbreaking technology and how the company is transporting the future of heavy duty vehicles one short haul at a time. https://www.wrightspeed.com

Ep. 445 w/ Steve Bigari CEO & chairman Synq3 Restaurant Solutions

There’s a whole new thing going on out there for restaurant companies. You know it. You see it happening all around you. It’s a massive paradigm shift that is bringing incredible disruption to our industry. It’s difficult. It’s problematic. It’s even a little dangerous. But it’s also bringing all manner of tremendous opportunity. We call it the Restaurant 2.0 World. And it’s why we exist. SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions embraces these radical changes by bringing a host of innovative solutions that help our clients thrive in the Restaurant 2.0 World. Innovations that grow sales and profits. Innovations that increase efficiencies. Innovations that reduce costs. And these innovations have helped us grow dramatically in the past few years–developing SYNQ3 into the premier restaurant solutions company in the world. We currently work with a substantial number of prestigious, national chains — continuing to grow our business as we help our clients grow theirs. We’d like to invite you to see how SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions can help your business thrive in this brave new world. Mind of a Call Center… Heart of a Restaurant SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions is a global restaurant ordering solutions provider specializing in GROWING SALES! We are a management team that has worked with some of the largest and fastest growing restaurant brands in the world. Our experience in the business of convenience and restaurant ordering solutions is unparalleled in terms of both process and execution. Our technical capability is unmatched in the industry. SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions was founded nearly a decade ago when restaurant entrepreneur Steve Bigari began taking drive-thru orders for his fast food restaurants via a call center. Since that time, we have grown into the premier call center solutions provider for the restaurant industry with hundreds of millions of dollars in orders processed to date. https://synq3.com

Ep. 444 w/ Mike Smerklo Entrepreneur, Investor(and part time Author)

Next Coast Ventures is a private equity firm headquartered in but not limited to Austin, Texas. Next Coast invest in amazing entrepreneurs who are building disruptive companies in big markets. I co-founded this firm with long time associate and great investor / entrepreneur, Tom Ball. Mr. Monkey and Me: A Real Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs What if the secret to being a successful entrepreneur had nothing to do with your business plan, resources, market size, or strategy? If your success or failure weren’t dependent on how much money you have, where you grew up or the level of education you received? Here’s the truth: the difference between success and failure is right between your ears. www.nextcoastventures.com www.mikesmerklo.com https://www.mikesmerklo.com/mr-monkey-and-me-book

Ep. 443 w/ Arthur Nguyen - Cao Co-founder & CEO at Auctify

We make Specs, the world's first productivity boosting smart glasses! http://www.preorderspecs.com

Ep. 442 w/ Jeroen Corthout Co-Founder and CEO at Salesflare

Zero-input sales pipeline tool that thinks and works for its user, not the other way around. No more manual data entry. Salesflare fills out your address book and keeps track of all interactions with the people you're in contact with. It takes data from social media, company databases, phone, email, calendar and hands it to you in automated customer timelines that tell you everything you need to know. You just have to write the emails, make the calls, and have the coffee. Never miss a deal again. Salesflare will tell and remind you what to do about leads so deals can't fall through the cracks anymore. Visual pipelines and powerful insights put you in full control of your sales funnel. Intuitive and easy-to-use, Salesflare turns complexity into simplicity so you can turn leads into customers. Salesflare works wherever you work and with whatever you are working with. Use it on desktop, mobile or just from a sidebar in your email inbox (Gmail and Outlook). Get even more out of Salesflare by integrating with 400+ other productivity tools, such as Google Apps, MailChimp, Trello and Slack. There's a free trial available from salesflare.com.

Ep. 441 w/ William Rhind Founder & CEO at GraniteShares

GraniteShares is an independent, fully funded ETF company headquartered in New York City. GraniteShares’ focus is on products that bring the excitement back to investing, using new ideas, innovative structures and low cost. http://www.graniteshares.com

Ep. 440 w/ Joel Primus - Entrepreneur, Explorer & Transformational Life Coach

Father, Entrepreneur, Explorer and Transformational Life Coach I’m here to help you unlock an empowered state of being in your work, relationships and mental and physical health. Over the past 15 years, I’ve competed as a runner at world championships, led intensive boot camps, built international brands, co-founded a Nasdaq-listed company, and raised millions of dollars for start-up companies. I am deeply passionate about dedicating a portion of my time to helping people – executives and entrepreneurs – cultivate balance, as well as inner strength and wellbeing, on their path to personal and professional success. You’ll see how different areas of life – money, family, intimacy, and emotional well being – can be handled all in the same coaching session… and how a coach can utilize the body to create incredible healing. As an individual experience, it does not matter to me whether you’re a C-Suite Executive, a successful entrepreneur, a dreamer ready to start your first business or liver of life. If you’re courageous and committed and seeking support to break through to a higher level then I’m game. If you’ve found your way here, I have no doubt you are! https://joelprimus.com Kosan Travel Our Mission - Make and curate the world’s best travel clothing and gear! Once we ramp up we’ll also have loads of inspiration and information to help facilitate and connect travelers with unique places, locals and each other. Why did start this company - because we believe travel makes the world a more tolerant and understanding place. The more people we can help travel and connect the better off the world will be. https://www.kosantravel.com

Ep. 439 w/ Bob Baxley CTO at Bastille

Bastille is the first company to enable enterprise security teams to assess and mitigate the risk associated with the growing Internet of Radios. Bastille’s patented software and security sensors bring visibility to devices emitting radio signals (Wi-Fi, Cellular, Bluetooth, BLE, wireless dongles and other IoT communications) in your organization’s airspace. https://www.bastille.net

Ep. 438 w/ Taylor Nieman Co-Founder and CEO, Toucan

Learn a new language while browsing the web. Download the Chrome extension for free today! https://jointoucan.com/

Ep. 437 w/ Avi Savar President at Suzy

Suzy is a consumer intelligence platform which is being touted as 'Siri for brands', the platform brings the voice of real consumers directly to brands at scale and at the speed of culture. Suzy helps companies like Netflix, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Citibank, Verizon, Nintendo and Nestle, among others, validate critical assumptions so they can focus on creating compelling new products, developing effective marketing strategies, and validating direct offers that increase conversion, improve path-to-purchase and drive growth. https://suzy.com

Ep. 436 w/ Rob Viglione Co-Founder & CEO at Horizen Labs

About Horizen Launched in 2017, Horizen is a technology platform that enables businesses and developers to quickly and affordably create their own public or private blockchains on the largest node network in the industry. Through its fair and inclusive ecosystem, Horizen fosters a community where everyone is empowered and rewarded for their contributions. With its unique Sidechain technology, Zendoo, Horizen provides all necessary components for an easy and fast deployment of a fully customizable blockchain. About Rob Viglione Rob is the CEO and Co-founder of Horizen, a blockchain platform that aims to enable an application-rich and inclusive ecosystem through its leading-edge sidechain solutions. Formally a trained physicist, mathematician, and military officer, Rob's experience working on satellite radar, space launch vehicles, and combat support intelligence informed much of his understanding of how blockchain technology could change the trajectory of global societies. Rob holds his Bachelor of Physics and Actuarial Mathematics, an MBA in Finance & Marketing, and is a Ph.D. (C) in finance at the University of South Carolina where he researches cryptocurrency and teaches a class on blockchain in finance Official Website Link: https://www.horizen.io/ Horizen’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/horizenglobal Rob’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/robviglione Youtube Channel: (where people can tune in to Horizen’s weekly insiders) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ0v_lUnZHIKUQUXJzfgqOg

Ep. 435 w/ Grant Schreiber Founding Editor of Real Leaders

Real Leaders magazine is the world's first sustainable business & leadership magazine. It's an official publication of the Young President's Organization (YPO) and on global newsstands across the US and the world. The magazine readership includes more than 30,000 of the world's top business leaders, in 130 countries, who control $9 trillion in GDP. Real Leaders interacts with the world's brightest minds, inspiring business leaders to achieve profitability through innovative ideas that are good for both people and planet. Grant has interviewed and written features on Richard Branson, Sheryl Sandberg, Muhammad Yunus, Forest Whitaker, Princess Beatrice of York, Buzz Aldrin and Tony Robbins. https://real-leaders.com

Ep. 434 w/ Abigail Manning Founder & President at Create Awareness...Change Lives

We help clients proactively build healthy and prosperous organizations through cultural intelligence, mental fitness and enhanced life skills. Our innovative and easily integrated curriculum increases teams' engagement, empowerment, resilience and raise-the-bar accountability. AVATAR SIMULATOR TRAINING Our groundbreaking training tool uses Immersive Learning built on evidence-based, behavioral and cognitive science. We address today's most current workforce topics and transform problems into strengths. Advance role-playing of challenging topics build muscle memory for long-lasting positive outcomes including enhanced team collaboration and trust. * Diversity & Inclusion * Harassment: Addressing & Preventing * Resilience & Retention * Building Healthy Cultures WORKSHOPS: * PREVENTING HARASSMENT - A LEADERSHIP IMPERATIVE co-taught w/Rear Admiral (Ret) & former CO of Camp David, Michael Giorgione Preventing harassment & building a healthy workplace culture of unity, respect, trust & integrity. We take a deep dive on the Big 5 of harassment (emotional, verbal, physical, sexual & financial), power & control, tools of manipulators & look at biases, preconceptions & behaviors. * COUNTERING INSIDER THREAT: Mental Health, Mindfulness & Mission co-taught w/CIA Chief of Counterintelligence Ops (Ret) Karl Wagner &/or CIA Deputy Chief of Global Counterterrorism Ops (Ret) Rick Hotchner We identify & protect from unhealthy behaviors that lead to Insider Threat. When repeatedly exposed to stress, even the sharpest individuals & strongest organizations are at risk. Protocols of awareness, resilience, resolve, trust, collaboration & communication are addressed to help create sustainable careers & successful mission-driven outcomes. SPEAKING: * USAF LEDx * Prevention of Workplace Harassment (100+ CO Senators) * Awareness of Adverse Spiral: Stress, Depression, Addiction, Abuse, PTS & Suicide We believe in: TRUST = Truth. Respect. Unity. Safety. Transparency. SELF = Secure. Ethical. Loving. Fearless. Abigail is the Founder of CACL Inc., creator of the Authentic Health curriculum, Life Skills SME, workshop trainer & national speaker. She combines an Indiana University double major (Cognitive, Social & Behavioral) and her firsthand life lessons learned from overcoming childhood abuse, domestic violence & PTS. As a proud mother of U.S. Marines, she is keenly aware of military culture. Working primarily with military, government & national security companies, Abigail has a heart-felt passion for the people she serves. https://abigailgmanning.com

Ep. 433 w/ Eoghan McCabe Founding CEO & now Chairman and Co-Founder at Intercom

Intercom is the only suite of customer messaging products that drives growth at every stage of the customer lifecycle—across acquisition, engagement, and support. Today more than 30,000 businesses use Intercom to connect with a billion people worldwide. Eoghan McCabe is an entrepreneur from Ireland. He was founding CEO of Intercom until moving to the Chairman role in 2020. As Chairman at Intercom, Eoghan provides strategic guidance to help the company further their mission to “make internet business personal”. Prior to founding Intercom in 2011, Eoghan started Contrast, an award-winning software design agency, and Exceptional, a built developer tools company later acquired by Rackspace. https://www.intercom.com

Ep. 432 w/ Denelle Dixon CEO & Executive Director at Stellar Development Foundation

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) is a non-profit organization that supports the development and growth of Stellar, an open-source network that connects the world's financial infrastructure. Founded in 2014, the Foundation helps maintain Stellar's codebase, supports the technical and business communities building on the network, and serves as a voice to regulators and institutions. The Foundation seeks to create equitable access to the global financial system, using the Stellar network to unlock the world's economic potential through blockchain technology. Prior to my current role I was the Chief Operating Officer and Corporate Secretary at Mozilla Corporation, During my time at Mozilla I spearheaded Mozilla’s legal, policy, business, revenue and operations in defense of an open, transparent and commercially sustainable Web. I have been a vocal advocate for net neutrality, encryption, the disclosure of vulnerabilities by governments and greater user choice and control. Before joining Mozilla full-time in 2012, I was an external advisor for the organization. My past experiences also include working at private equity firm Terra Firma on brand issues and risk assessment and managing Yahoo!’s legal team advising on products, human rights, antitrust and litigation issues. https://www.stellar.org

Ep. 431 w/ Frank Zinghini Founder & CEO of Applied Visions

Applied Visions has a long history of creating innovative visual solutions to solve complex problems for commercial and government applications. Our team combines top talent in research, engineering, product development and interaction design with a practical approach to software development. Our Secure Decisions Division specializes in cyber security, providing tools and services to analyze massive amounts of critical data to make better decisions. Deriving from R&D funded by DARPA, the Air Force, DHS, Naval Research Laboratory, and other government agencies, our visual analytics products let you see and understand the security state of your critical infrastructure, including fixed and mobile computing assets. Our products SecureScope, VIAssist and MeerCAT are the results of our leading-edge research on enhancing the effectiveness of analysts in this domain. https://www.avi.com/

Ep. 430 w/ Michael Staton CEO of CoLearn

Even before #COVID19 and the Remote Learning crises, the Learn team and I were working to develop better tools for parents to discover, curate, and manage extraordinary experiences for their families. Now with #COVID and #PandemicPods, we're giving parents the tools to organize their families in their pursuit of extraordinary learning. Michael Staton is a lifelong educator, colearner, and entrepreneur. Beginning as a public school teacher, Michael redesigned his classroom around getting typical high-school students ready for the academic rigors of college. Now a Partner at Learn Capital, he spent over a decade as an education entrepreneur and investor, backing innovators like Coursera, Outschool, Photomath, MakeSchool, Minerva, Clever, and NearPod. He was also helpful to the founding of Million Lives Fund, Reach Capital, Higher Ed Live, UnCollege, YearOn and Dev Bootcamp. He was co-founder and CEO of Uversity, which changed the way colleges do admissions and enrollment management. https://www.colearn.com https://www.pandemicpods.org

Ep. 429 w/ Jesse Schell CEO at Schell Games

​Schell Games is the largest full-service education and entertainment game development company in the United States. Since 2002, we’ve worked to create interactive experiences on every platform to enrich the lives of players of all ages. Projects in our award-winning portfolio range from mobile, desktop, and virtual reality games to interactive installations and theme park attractions...and everything in between. Schell Games counts some of the world's most respected brands as clients, including The Walt Disney Company, Yale University, SeaWorld Parks, Lionel, The Fred Rogers Company and Microsoft Corporation. The company is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. https://www.schellgames.com

Ep. 428 w/ Sam Dunn CEO at Robin

Robin’s founders, twins Sam and Zach Dunn and friend Brian Muse, began their software startup journey in an unlikely place -- at a digital agency called One Mighty Roar they started in college. After prototyping connected experiences within their office — including a conference room table that knew when a meeting was taking place -- they quickly learned that there was widespread demand for a smarter, more digitally aware workplace experience. Enter Robin. Companies like HubSpot, Shopify, and Twitter rely on Robin’s workplace experience software to maximize employee productivity and engagement by reducing friction throughout the workday. This simple vision has paved the way partnerships and collaborations with Herman Miller, Amazon, and Crestron, along with more than 1500 customers worldwide. Robin has raised $30M in venture funding and has over 100 employees in their Boston office. Read more about how you can create an office that supports your people and their work at robinpowered.com. https://robinpowered.com

Ep. 427 w/ Michael Mouriz Co-Founder, COO Taxfyle

Tickmark’s flagship application, Taxfyle, was launched in 2015 as the “easiest way to file your taxes”. Considered the #1 tax app in the Apple Store for four tax seasons in a row, Taxfyle has revolutionized the world of accounting and more specifically tax preparation. Taxfyle’s network consists of remote, online, U.S. based licensed tax professionals that have an average rating of 4.8 stars and 10 years experience. Jobs submitted to the platform are picked up in under 3 minutes with all communication happening in-app. Whether you’re an accounting firm looking to reduce overhead or a consumer that needs to get their taxes done quickly and easily, Taxfyle is the premier service for individuals that are looking for convenient, affordable, and professional tax solutions. https://taxfyle.com

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