Ep. 519 w/ Tobias Kunze Briseño CEO & Co-Founder Glasnostic

Glasnostic is an operations solution that makes existing applications resilient. Businesses stay up, developers deploy faster and operators stop the firefights.
Tobias, CEO of Glasnostic here.

When the company I co-founded became Red Hat OpenShift and embraced Kubernetes, I felt PaaS could be so much more than an execution fabric for application code.

Forward-looking teams were already building the complex and rapidly evolving landscapes of applications we see in successful companies today, and these applications needed more than just an execution fabric. To reliably and safely connect applications across teams, clouds and companies, they needed an effective way to bring load and interaction behaviors under control.

This is why we created Glasnostic.

The fastest-growing companies today deploy ever more applications in ever more places, and code and configuration say nothing about how actual user behaviors and service interactions impact applications in production. That's why production is where applications get punched in the face.

Our purpose at Glasnostic is to augment cloud production environments with powerful runtime control capabilities so engineers understand what is going on and what needs to be done—across all environments.

Because it's high time that we get cloud production under control.
Ep. 519 w/ Tobias Kunze Briseño CEO & Co-Founder Glasnostic
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