Ep. 572 w/ John Li Co-Founder & CEO at Vimcal

Vimcal is the world's fastest calendar, beautifully designed for people with too many meetings.

It comes fully-featured with time zone conversion, booking links, keyboard shortcuts, and everything else a modern calendar app should have.

Our motto is to save you time on what you have to do, so you have more time for what you want to do.


We recently launched Vimcal Maestro — the first calendar designed specifically for Executive Assistants.

Vimcal Maestro currently saves admins at Kleiner Perkins, Zapier, and Dropbox over an hour a day to focus on higher priority tasks.

If you're an EA or have an EA, you can learn more here: https://www.vimcal.com/maestro
Ep. 572 w/ John Li Co-Founder & CEO at Vimcal
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